The New Jersey Shared Services Association (NJSSA) is a non-profit association that proactively promotes increased efficiency in the delivery of services, while reducing the costs of local government. NJSSA members focus in the areas of advocacy, policy development, and education; while offering non-partisan advisory services to all local public entities and selected non-profit associations.

Services Currently Being Shared
•  Information Technology (IT)
•  Centralized Police Dispatch, 911 Emergency Communications
•  Consolidation of Public Work Facilities & Departments
•  Animal Control / Animal Shelters
•  Mosquito Control & Gypsy Moth Spraying
•  County Records Management /Retention for Municipalities
•  Transportation Resources for the Disadvantaged and Elderly
•  Countywide Fleet Maintenance & Purchasing
•  Regional Vehicle Wash Facilities
•  Parks and Recreation Facilities / Staff and Maintenance
•  Police Protection Mergers
•  Countywide Tax Assessments and Revaluations
•  Countywide Storm & Wastewater Management
•  County Health Department / Regionalized Health Services
•  County Library System
•  County Sponsored Municipal Job Fairs
•  Shared School District Superintendents and Personnel
•  Customized Training Programs
•  County Recycling Programs
•  County Landfill
•  Police and Fire Training Academies
•  Regional Planning and Economic Development
•  GIS ( Geographical Information Systems)
•  Coop Purchasing Programs
•  Weights and Measures
NJ Shared Service s County Coordinators
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